Preparing for foundations or leveling a piece of property requires earth moving. This typically involves heavy duty equipment and vehicles. This is needed to move the vast amounts of earth that any given piece of property can have. Once this is completed you can begin the process of clearing everything and fleshing out your next project!

What is Earth Moving?

Every piece of land has its own unique personality and geographic characteristics. Regardless of the size of your next project we can handle it. Whether you are preparing a room addition, a new home, or a new office complex. Our team and equipment are ready to assist you in earth moving to prepare for building foundations, pools, or landscaping. This dirty project can be handled by our experienced team as we move all of that earth.

We thoroughly enjoy our earth moving projects as it allows us to reshape the look of properties for generations to come. Wild land that was once left unruly becomes ready for regular forestry mowing or a new structure. We are capabale of dealing with large volumes of earth that can be hauled off of your property if desired.

Our pricing starts at $1,000 and goes up depending on the acreage of the property being cleared. We include fuel, travel, dumping fees, and labor in all of our prices. As long as the scope doesn’t change our price will remain the same. Curious about our work? Check out our previous reviews from our customers!